Why I eat Ampalaya?

Most people do not like ampalaya also known as bitter melon or bitter gourd or bitter squash in English. This is because of the bitter taste of its fruit. But despite of its bitter taste I have been accustomed to eating them since childhood. I have always been at war with my mom when I was young because she always forced feed us the bitter food. Of course, I was a child thinking anything bitter is bad and anything sweet is good for me.Now I know better that some bitterness is good for one’s health.

Scientific Name

Family: Cucurbitaceae
Genus: Momordica
Species: charantia

up close

These past few days, I have been eating ampalaya every other day. It is not that I am complaining but I just wanted to share how good ampalaya is for our body. Also, my five year old nephew needs its healing properties. He has been diabetic since he was three years old and lately he gets normal reading for his blood sugar. There were some research done on the effectiveness of using Momordica Charantia in the treatment of diabetes.

My mom has been able to invent a lot of delicious recipes using ampalaya over the years. From ampalaya omelette, ampalaya salad, ampalaya with ground beef, ampalaya with tuna flakes and noodles, adding it to “pinakbet” and the list goes on. She said one of the secrets to a not so bitter ampalaya is to soak it in water with salt. Few years ago, what we do is squeeze out the bitter juice but we also get rid off the medicinal qualities. Not an option now, but for those who are not prepared for it, you may use this trick it really lessens the bitter taste.

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I also took some photos and realized how beautiful the ampalaya plant is. It may be a crumpled, bitter fruit but it makes a healthy, delicious dish.


Discovering Thai Cuisine

They say that you never really experienced a country’s culture if you haven’t tried their food. So that’s what me and my friends (Roma and Ella) did on our Amazing Thailand tour last August. From a trendy restaurant, to a quaint cafe, to a riverside eatery and to the streets of Chatuchak market.  There were interesting servings of food from spicy to sweet, fried foodies to delicious soups and to dishes with a touch of western cuisine as well. Most of their dishes will definitely have either green, red or yellow color in it which makes them really appealing to the eyes. It looks good and tastes good as well. Have a feast!

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Street food @ Chatuchak Market

finger foods





Travelling Amazing Thailand

It has been almost a year since the last time I went to Thailand. I am still grateful that I decided to visit Siam (the country’s old name) again. The first time I visited was year 2005 but I did not enjoy as much as I did from my recent trip because it is more of work and city life experience. This second visit is more of RnR and I felt the culture of Amazing Thailand (Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Phuket) more.

First stop – Bangkok

We decided to go to Ayutthaya on our third day. We went to the train station very early in the morning to catch the earliest ride to the old province. It took two hours until the last stop. The train was quite old but the ride is a refreshing sight to see from urban to rural Thailand. Once we arrived at the Ayutthaya station, tour guides have approached us from all directions. One must be firm enough to say “no” for those who have their own maps like us or at least haggle as low as you can from the first price they quote you. There is also an option to ride your way through the temples. (For those who are used to cycling that is, my two girlfriends, don’t know how, so we were stuck with haggling as best as we can with a tour guide/tuk-tuk driver). We thought we did not get a good deal with our tour but we were wrong. Visiting the temples in Ayutthaya is priceless and having a tour guide who knows how to speak conversant English is a plus too.

Second stop – Ayutthaya

Third stop – Phuket

We went to Phi Phi Islands on our second day in Phuket. It was drizzling in the morning so we were not that excited going in for a swim. After hours of going to the port, we went to this big boat. I am used to beaches so I am not as exhilarated as other tourists were. The rain stopped just enough to give us time to snorkel and appreciate the underwater beauty of Phi Phi islands. Too bad I do not have an underwater camera.

Phi Phi Islands

Top View

To sum it all up. I had a great time in Amazing Thailand. Looking forward to visiting the rest of Asia.♥

Instant Cappuccino


While walking in the aisle of the coffee lane in a supermarket, my attention zeroed in an instant cappuccino. I am not a coffee addict but I do like a good coffee. The packaging is not that attractive since it does not scream “pick me” among the other coffee brands. But having an instant cappuccino is enough for me to grab one. So I bought one pack and tried it at home. It has the same directions as any instant coffee – pour the cappuccino mix in a hot water. Make sure to follow the directions to get the intended output.  (150 ml and stir gently to get the foamy part). The extra choco granules is a plus too. After drinking the whole cup, I can say it is mediocre for those who wants their coffee strong but for someone like me that likes their coffee more on the creamy side it will do for an instant cappuccino fix. Price: Php 7.00


Hello world!

Hello to fellow bloggers and readers!

I have been itching to make my own blog for the last few years and finally got to do it today. Basically, my blog will discuss a lot of things I am passionate about. Food, Travel, Books, Fashion & Beauty, and any random stuff that will catch my interest at some moment. Enjoy and leave comments so I could improve on this new hobby.