It’s about Time

If someone asked me what is my favorite motto, one of my answers will be:  Time is gold. I was raised by my parents to be conscious of time. Whenever we go to church, dad will always remind us to be in church before the mass starts. That was quite a difficult task since we are all girls except for him. We know it takes a little longer for girls to have their Sunday best dress. This routine became harder when we got older since the girls became ladies and ,thus, tend to take a lot longer to be ready. But out of three daughters, I always am the first one to be ready and help dad with getting the car out of the garage and the walking reminder to mom and two sisters that it is time to go or else we will not be able to hear the homily. Our meal time is also clock work. We eat breakfast 6am, lunch 12 noon and dinner 7pm. That’s how it was.

I was never late in school since mom always have an allowance for travel time and unexpected events like heavy traffic, waiting time for vehicles and etc. When it was time for me to be independent and go to school on my own I got the habit of being on time or before time. Being early or on time is a good habit. That is why there is a saying: The early bird catches the worm. The habit helped me in the corporate life since I am able to managed my time efficiently.

There is just a little downside when it comes to meeting with friends. Most of my friends have the habit of being on time.That is  an hour after the scheduled time. I have different groups of friends but it is the same story. I always am the first one to be in the venue and wait for them at least 15 minutes. I mean fifteen minutes is okay with me but an hour or more.  Must be the heavy traffic, got caught up somewhere and the excuses goes on and on. I tried to be late a lot of times already when meeting my friends but still I do not know how I came to be first or second to arrive at the venue. I guess, I should be thankful that I arrive safely and on time  to our venue.

Being earlier on time than most people, I learned to be more patient – Patience is a virtue and creative – doodle in my notepad or list down ideas, thank God and the techie people for apps. Even if I am in waiting time, it is not idle time. No time wasted there. 🙂



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