May 6, 2012 was the date for the Supermoon. I admit that I am a lunatic. I love the moon especially at its brightest. It would be an added bonus if there would be stars in the night skies. I think psychologically singing ” twinkle, twinkle little stars” since toddler gave a boost in having strong feelings for the stars and the moon. It never wavered despite the darker stories (werewolves, witches and other evil connections) associated with full moon. When I heard about the news regarding Supermoon I was so excited. I already prepared my and nephew’s binoculars. To my dismay, it rained the whole evening from 6pm to bedtime. Good thing before turning off my laptop, I noticed my sister’s status update in facebook and it was about Mr. Full moon. That time I realized the rain had stopped and quickly went out of the house to check if the clouds cleared and it did. It shined so bright and it is noticeably bigger than the usual full moon. I can almost see the craters. I took photos using my phone. It did not capture the entirety of the moment but it will do for me.  It made me smile until I fell asleep.

Viewing time 10:39 – 10:52 p.m.


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