My eight-legged surprise

It was 5 a.m. in the morning and still raining like there is no tomorrow. I watched morning news before preparing breakfast and according to local channel, there was flood everywhere. Good thing I do not need to go out. While getting all the stuff to prepare breakfast I went to our dirty kitchen (kitchen outside the house but within the extension of the house). I turned on the faucet and noticed something in the kitchen sink.

And here it is….



The fellow was with someone or something – a dead roach. I am no expert with the creepy crawlers but I think they had a fight and the eight-legged creature won over the six-legged one. I rushed inside the house to get my phone camera since I do not usually encounter a big spider such as this size. I always have been amazed with the spiders on how they weave their cobwebs and I do not wish to squish them since they trap my flying enemies – the mosquitoes. I was only able to take two photos since the spider was crawling away from me. I think I scared it away or maybe it is camera shy.When  I get back to the kitchen again hoping the spider gone but to my surprise it was still there running away from a four-legged creature – a big lizard.  I think everyone came out to play –  predator versus prey.


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