Every penny counts

In my case, every peso counts. My mother used to say I should walk straight held up my head high so I will have a good posture. But I never get to used to doing that instead I looked down on the ground. I got this habit because I was a clumsy kid and to prevent being tripped by objects in the ground, I have to dodged them. In the process, I have seen some coins and sometimes small denomination bills. It is like treasure hunting. I would have gladly given the coins and bills to the owner if I knew who they were but it is an empty road every time I find a little treasure. These days, people do not mind or care less for coins anymore especially dimes, quarters and peso coins. But for me every coin counts because you would not have a hundred if you do not have a one peso to complete the 99.

Found a little treasure at the garage 🙂

peso coin

peso coin



void from coin

void from coin


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