Hi I am Marie.

Ghibli Museum in Japan

This is a personal blog and my first one too. You would expect a lot of topics in here since this is a blog wherein I am learning the blogging world and eventually will add other topic specific blogs in the future. My blog is all about things I am passionate about. When I was a seven, I told my mom I wanted to be a gourmet. So you would expect topics about food, cooking and baking. I also love travel and take photos of places, random objects and people via any camera – point and shoot, phone, digital and hopefully a professional one. My hobbies include reading – has Dan Brown, Eoin Colfer and Paulo Coelho collections, cross stitching and cooking. I relieve stress by doodling, putting colors in the coloring book, doing DIY projects and recently editing photos. Being a book author or maybe an e-book is part of my bucket list so practicing my writing skills is what really started this blog.

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

White Island, Camiguin


8 thoughts on “Wittymistee

  1. do you still have your cooking manual for that wonder pot oven? my mom has the same wonder pot one but the cooking manual with the recipes and iron heat difuser at the bottom is gone.can we still use the oven wiithout the diffuser? where can we buy that wonder pot ot the iron heat diffuser?thanks.

    • hi juliet,

      sorry for the late reply. have not been here for weeks.
      regarding your question, i do not have the cooking manual. i just try to cook and bake stuff and they turned out good. i am not sure if you could use it without the iron heat diffuser because the metal bottom might be burnt when using the wonder pot oven.

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