The Wonder Pot Stories

The Wonder Pot Stories was created to cater to Marie’s adventures in cooking and baking in the Wonder Pot/Wonder Oven.

Wonder Pot

In Marie’s current home, they do not have the conventional oven because it was in the second house  which is an hour plane ride away. In order for her to create delicious treats for her parents and nephew, Marie have to learn and adjust recipes and cooking instructions for the Wonder Pot to bake goodies without fail and try to pass their discriminating taste.


3 thoughts on “The Wonder Pot Stories

  1. Hi im wilfred reniva from the Philippines, since i was in grade school 1984 my auntie teach me my first baking lesson using this wonder oven for the past year this oven already in my grandmas cabinet it almost a decade without using this because of new kitchen gadgets…. yesterday i remember and look for it, i surprise when i saw the wonder oven and it looks new and ready to bake again….. lets bake again in old school style. bye bye God BLESS.

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