Busy as a Bee

I was eating breakfast when mom called outside to check out these swarm of bees. Good thing they did not stung me and cooperated to have their photos taken.












Catty and Catty

My six-year-old nephew likes to play with Catty his pet caterpillar. We have a number of plants in the backyard that serves as food for these caterpillars. Every time nephew asks for a pet, dad just go outside and look for a caterpillar for his grandson’s enjoyment.

bend it



No flash


This Catty was chomping the leaf so fast it amazed me. Plus, it left some raisin like fertilizer too.

Catty’s breakfast leftover

After a few hours, nephew found his Catty yesterday. It is a smaller version of today’s Catty.

going down

two’s a crowd

I am not scared of caterpillars but I hope nephew would not grew up and look for a bigger creepy crawler for a pet such as a snake.










Three Musketeers

I have the same subject in two of my previous posts. First one, the two mushrooms that were taken a few weeks ago.The second one from the post – Two Sides of the Story. This certain group became special because I was able to document a span of its life (in seven hours). It would not surprise me next time if there would be another set of mushrooms that will sprout on the same old log in our yard.

taken 12 noon

at 12 noon

after seven hours

taken 7 p.m.

top view