DIY Magazine Bag

While I was cleaning up my room to free up some space I realized I had a lot of magazines stack up occupying a whole corner of the room. I do not want it to go to waste so I look for ways to make it useful. One of the project I did was a magazine bag. I never thought I would be able to finish it since my nephew is snooping around and playing with the rest of the materials. Well, I did try to make one and it looks good. Don’t ask how strong it is though. It can only held up light things.



lots of magazines

big tape


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Another book collection – Artemis Fowl

I had a Harry Potter fatigue a few years ago and wanted to look for an alternative good book to read. Looking for an adventure type of book that would tickle my curious mind, thus, I found Artemis Fowl. It started with one book and I ended up almost completing the series except the last two and added some of Eoin Colfer’s other books as well. If you do not mind the main character being an anti-hero and you have interest in fairies and elves, this is a book series worth reading.

The Lost Colony

Artemis Fowl Files


Wish List




My love for Paulo

I first met Paulo when I was 18. His works have inspired me to pursue my aspirations. It started with “The Alchemist” which has the same tone as my other favorite Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. At that time, I thought it was just a one hit wonder book. But it was followed by knowing about Veronika (Veronika Decides to Die) and at that moment I know Coelho would be on top of my list to my favorite authors. I have been collecting Coelho’s books since then and each has a different tone. But have one same goal which is to evaluate one’s view towards life, love and pursuing dreams.

My Paulo Coelho Collection

Paulo Coelho Collection


My first book – The Alchemist

The Alchemist

My favorites


Eleven Minutes

The Devil and Miss Prym


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