Just another post

It has been awhile since my last post due to heavy rains but mostly because of procrastination. I had a list of topics to discussed but changed my mind. I cannot seem to write as much as I would like to. Been looking at a blank page, lots of images and more blank stares. I always would like to start with an image then describe and tell a story about it. But have not been lucky to find an interesting image to talk about. So, in finding inspiration, I search for ways to amuse myself. I recently decided to learn Spanish (Yo hablo ingles) and familiarize myself in photo editing particularly Pixlr. Hopefully in the coming days I could write more posts.


A Poem

 Like sun and fire

Like dream and sleep

Like a dark bird’s flight

Through a forest deep

Two streams we die

In the open sea

Like Destiny

Like Destiny




from: Fever by Rivermaya

Another book collection – Artemis Fowl

I had a Harry Potter fatigue a few years ago and wanted to look for an alternative good book to read. Looking for an adventure type of book that would tickle my curious mind, thus, I found Artemis Fowl. It started with one book and I ended up almost completing the series except the last two and added some of Eoin Colfer’s other books as well. If you do not mind the main character being an anti-hero and you have interest in fairies and elves, this is a book series worth reading.

The Lost Colony

Artemis Fowl Files


Wish List