Black Ant

Black ants carrying coconut shavings

ant in motion

where to go now?



Catty and Catty

My six-year-old nephew likes to play with Catty his pet caterpillar. We have a number of plants in the backyard that serves as food for these caterpillars. Every time nephew asks for a pet, dad just go outside and look for a caterpillar for his grandson’s enjoyment.

bend it



No flash


This Catty was chomping the leaf so fast it amazed me. Plus, it left some raisin like fertilizer too.

Catty’s breakfast leftover

After a few hours, nephew found his Catty yesterday. It is a smaller version of today’s Catty.

going down

two’s a crowd

I am not scared of caterpillars but I hope nephew would not grew up and look for a bigger creepy crawler for a pet such as a snake.