Japanese food snippets

When I first heard the word “gourmet” when I was seven years old, I instantly decided to be one. Maybe because I was the designated taste tester of the family every time my mother cooks a dish may it be for a special event or for an ordinary day. I grew up trying to be a gourmet in my own simple way. One of my favorite cuisine is Japanese even if I am not used to  eating with chopsticks. Tip: one of the best way to practice is to use chopsticks in getting peanuts from a plate it worked for me. There are many Japanese restaurants and other Japanese food stands in the local scene yet it is very interesting to know how close their cooking are compared to restaurants and food stands in Japan.

Tempura is a Japanese dish of seafood or vegetable that have been battered and deep-fried. My favorite is shrimp tempura. The photo below is called tendon which is a shrimp tempura on top of a bowl of rice. While katsudon is deep fried pork cutlets, onion and egg on rice.



Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish with Chinese origin. I am used to instant ramen and decided that me and my friend cannot leave Japan without trying a bowl of the famous authentic Japanese ramen at the Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum.

Raumen Museum

Shoyu Ramen

Miso Ramen

Ramen @ Narita Airport

Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki


We tried this okonomiyaki at Meiji Shrine National Park. Okonomiyaki looks like a pancake and an omelette at the same time. This consists of flour, egg, cabbage, bits of squid/octopus and my favorite bonito flakes on top and glazed with  a lot of Japanese mayo and okonomiyaki sauce. One serving is good for a quick lunch.

Same with okonomiyaki, takoyaki are sold in yatai – street food stalls. Takoyaki is a popular ball-shaped dumplings made of batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan. Usually it is filled with diced octopus, pickled ginger and green onion and commonly brushed with takoyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, nori and bonito flakes. We tried the famous Osaka style takoyaki and it did not fail my expectation. For only 100 yen, I had three big balls of newly grilled takoyaki. Too bad I was so engrossed in eating them I forgot to take a photo.

I also tried rice cracker covered in seaweed wrapper. I like the crunch and taste of seaweed.

how to make rice cracker

yummy rice crackers

Bento is a home packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. We tried different kinds of bento during the trip. What I love bentos are how  Japanese prepare these meal in a way that all the types of food is in it already. From appetizer to main course (usually rice and some meat) and a little sweet thing too for dessert. We got bentos in a 24/7 store and railway and for me it passed my palate already or maybe I was just too hungry and never minded the taste. At least, every bento really filled my tummy so no complain there.

bento with juice @ shinkansen

ekibento with grapefruit juice

Milk Tea – my staple drink in Japan

ekibento with milk tea

first bento

I love the appearance, the taste and the delicate preparation of Japanese cuisine. Fresh ingredients are a plus too. Next time, I need to get sake together with all of these food. ITADAKIMASU!!!!

Note: Itadakimasu is a Japanese word meaning “I humbly receive”

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So what is your favorite Japanese food?