After two months… and three treks

Two months have passed since my last post due to a busy schedule and the absence of online connection. I have gone into a rigorous training for a job wherein I would be of service to my country. It was a very physically challenging two months since I have been living a stationary life for eight years. I also had to be away from home and tested my patience and character throughout the whole process. We had to attend lectures and apply them into real scenarios. Aside from the serious stuff, what I like about the past two months was the camaraderie and friendship I had with my batch mates. We were from different walks of life and ages yet we were able to overcome that and was able to get things done because of team work. We just had our general  practice for our graduation this morning and I was very happy to know that all of us finished the course. The bonus part were the exposure activities that included trekking – challenging but very rewarding activity for me plus beautiful scenery is a big bonus.



pink 2

yellow 2

mt. cabuyao

1st trek

1st trek



A Visit to GK Pueblo Antonio

My sister introduced Human Nature products to me last year and I have been an avid user of their products. Not just they produced products that do not have harmful chemicals but I also like their advocacy.

I had the privilege to be invited to visit their partner organization Gawad Kalinga’s community village. GK have a community building program  that seeks to empower poor communities to become self-reliant and sustainable by building up its people, preparing their leaders and residents to eventually care for their own communities while instilling in them the heart and capacity to help other poor communities.

The GK Pueblo Antonio was an hour drive from the jump-off site. The activity for the day was to help build the food processing building in the village that would help the community to process their raw products of fruits and vegetables such as ube, sweet potatoes, passion fruit and sunflower and many more. I may not have seen the passion fruit and sunflower farm which was one of the reasons I tag along dad but the trip was worthwhile. I got to experience first-hand what Gawad Kalinga and Human Heart Nature are doing for the community village and I got to see these beautiful plants and flowers as well.